Monday, October 10, 2011

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Home
My 365 Project (details of the project are on Sept 23 post)

18.  100 Years Ago Today

california women
remembered who defeated them in 1896

critics argued giving women the vote
could lower the standards of womanhood

they would fight on in spite of the liquor dealer's league and others
through the small towns and the valley

going from church to schools
door to door, person to person

their work was intense
endless handbills and newspaper articles

madame nordica called upon the men of california
“give women liberty!” -- give them the vote!

october 11, 1911
100 years ago today

california women were victorious
the “yes’s” out-numbered the “no’s”

- the golden state was one of six states were women had the right to vote. (wyoming, colorado, utah, idaho, washington).  And nine years before the 19th amendment was ratified were all american women had the right to vote.


  1. My Great Grandmother was a suffragette. Thanks to all the courageous women of today and yesteryear!!

  2. There you go and the subtext ... for the men who voted yes :-)