Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Home
My 365 Project (details of the project are on Sept 23 post)

19. Into the Vapors of the Sublime

A flour mixture
stiff enough to
need or roll = dough
someone who is
so impassioned and devoted to
something that it
“resembles” an addiction = nut
artisanal attitude = sublime
choosing ingredients with care,
quality, freshness,creativity
and in season
doughnut mixes, preservatives
and corn syrup
apple-bacon fritters
pink lemonade with fresh-squeezed lemons
with a raspberry puree glaze
frosted chile chocolate
that leaves behind a spicy heat on the palate
and finally “the dude”
a white russian whipped cream
with a vodka glaze
topped with “a” crunchy coffee bean
into the vapors of the sublime

Doughbot Donuts: http://doughbot.tumblr.com/

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  1. I love the way 19 is hidden in this one.