Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sampling Videos On The Web of Artists Who Are Showing in "Viva La Revolucion"

As part of my continuing effort to add more information to correspond with the exhibit at MCA San Diego's Viva La Revolucion: Dialogue With The Urban Landscape " (Jul 18- Jan 02, 2011) have have added videos I found featuring Artist participating in the exhibit. Some directly relate to the exhibit, some relate to the Artist.  I think it gives some nice context and insight into the Artists, the culture and processes.  More to follow, enjoy!


  1. Hi Steve!

    Could not play the video but really liked the slide show pix. Especially the portrait done in the brick wall.

    Liked the bikes too, but that goes without saying, I suppose.

    See you in a couple weeks!


  2. Hey Willie, if you get a chance check out the videos particularly Blu's "wall painting" animations and Swoon. Though I would watch them all if I were you which I'm not, but if I were :-) See you in a few, fly out late Thursday night so will probably be Friday.