Thursday, January 11, 2024

clayARTstudio814 sign to go on the studio building


Marsha Schindler - work in progress

clayARTstudio814 in Black & White

I’m beginning a small photographic series in 2024 called ‘clayARTstudio814 in Black and White’

The hope is to share with you an intimate ‘behind the scenes’ view of ‘814’ capturing the essence of this vibrant art studio, its wonderful artist and all the creativity & inspiration happening here on a daily bases (ex. The artists & their artworks, classes, exhibitions, tools & process, etc.) … and hopefully a little inspiration for you along the way.

As a side note, this just so happens to be where, along with 17 other wonderful artist, I have my studio.  All the artists here do ceramics along with their many other creative talents ex. painting, fiber, murals, jewelry, curators, etc.  I’m the only one here at 814 who does not do ceramics, but I love ceramics, the materials, tools and the processes.


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