Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(click image for larger view)


  1. i really like this. how is it done?

  2. Hi Nance ... Thank you. This is done digitally. The oval shapes were actually done blindly since I was painting with a 'digital' resist which I could not see only feel as I was drawing. Then I came back with the color black ... building the color up which then revealed the marks. I have been spending this last year exploring digital media vs analog (real paint, paper,canvas etc,etc .) and most (but not all) of my images on my blog were done with these digital techniques. I use a Wacom 'intuous' tablet, Coral 'Painter' (ver 12) software, a consumer version of Photoshop called 'Elements' (ver 10- which was not use on this piece) , a digital camera (I have used in some pieces) and my Mac. I'm actually now transitioning back towards the analog with the intent to merge both digital (computer & camera) & analog or that is the plan ... well see what happens. For myself spending this last year in the digital world with-out the analog I started craving real materials, to get my hands dirty, touching real paper, paint. I found I needed to get out of my head sort of speak and back to my hands :-) I hope this answers your question, if not please let me know. Thanks for the comment and take care. Steve

    1. this totally answers my question, and i really appreciate it that you took the time.

      thanks for posting what you do. it is very interesting and fun to see.