Monday, October 3, 2011

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Home
My 365 Project (details of the project are on Sept 23 post)

11. Gluttonous City no. 11

a food experience
for cooks
food lovers
wine connoisseurs
and discerning dinners
fast-food joints are a negative
899 joints alarming
sit-down restaurants
feed our hunger
rumblings in our tummies
of obesity

Other California cities to make the list are San Diego (#9), L.A. (#15), San Francisco (#16), Santa Clara (#17), Oakland (#18), Riverside (#19), and San Bernardino (#20) … N.Y. (#1)

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  1. Got to go eat! Thanks for reminding me. I fed the fish. Again! I'll be back to look at more. These are fantastic.