Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Home
My 365 Project (details of my project on Sept 23 post)

8.  Spirits

cocktail lovers
urge the governor
to sign the bill

to pour booze
steeped with
fruit, vegetables and herbs

all the rage
at high-end
watering holes

sacramento, rosemary-infused gin
san francisco, strawberry-infused whisky
infused … illegal

prohibition law forbids
altering liquor
alcoholic infusions amounts to moonshine

democrat likes his vodka plain
bill sailed through the legislature
without opposition

this week
pub crawls, cocktail mixing & bartender competitions
sponsor … the booze industry


  1. Me again. Just showed your blog to Ron. This one is my favorite poem so far. Keep going!
    Your Virtual Roomie,

  2. Hey ... of course the one you like has to do with booze .... poem & art Thx :-)

  3. Another great day, Steve! Finally back to check what I've missed - and feed the fish.

    Love this one: poem and artwork. Is the artwork a silkscreen?

    I'm thinking my Russian friends would be devastated - no fruit/herb infused Vodka? Anything, but not that! Really love the double olive eight!! These are wonderful. Good for you!