Saturday, August 6, 2011

Independent Television Service 20th anniversary

It's ITVS (Independent Television Service 20th anniversary)  They are celebrating with a free online showcase of 20 documentaries that are guaranteed to move and inspire you.

For decades, independent filmmakers have stood as public television’s standard bearers of diversity and innovation, telling stories that rarely get told and serving underserved communities through their extraordinary contributions to public television.

Each feature-length documentary will be available for viewing for three days, with the showcase running through September 22. Watch now — for free! — during this limited time event. (see links on left)

ITVS Statement of Values

In an era of expanding commercial use of the Internet and consolidation of media ownership, a free public media sector is critical to an open and informed society. The following values underlie the work of ITVS:
  • Freedom of expression is a human right.
  • A free press and public access to information are foundations of democracy.
  • An open society allows unpopular and minority views to be publicly aired.
  • A civilized society seeks economic and social justice.
  • A just society seeks participation by those without power, prominence or wealth.
  • A free nation allows all citizens forums in which to tell their stories and express their opinions.


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  2. Thank you, I'm very happy you enjoyed ... it's a "work" in progress.