Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Blog ...

Hi All,

I'm launching my blog today.

It consists mainly of things that interest me. Things within the Arts, music, creativity, wonder, food, ideas, motorcycles, etc. I'm hoping there might be some things posted that you might find interesting and inspiring as well.

Hence this blog, a place for sharing.

It's format is really quit simple:

The left column - is were I'll post things I found interesting and I'm thinking you might find some of these sites interesting as well. This column I will change usually every month. There are things you'll find here that could take a few minutes like the Ted talks or longer like the live concerts or the Diary of a Foodie series.

The middle - is were I'll highlight if needed what's in the left column, somtimes the right and maybe a occasional thought or two.

The right column - these are sites I like to follow and explore on a regular bases. This will expand and change over time. You welcome to peruse these sites as well. If there is something that catches your interest let me know what you find and your thoughts.

So pretty simple ... enjoy!


  1. hey mi amigo - thnx for sharing your blog. normally don't like getting into this type of stuff in website but i thought i'd take a peek and so far i truly like the 'plastic bags arts' and 'diary of foodie' i truly enjoy...i've added ur blog in my 'favorites' so i will be checkng in here from time to time to see watz new...

  2. Great site Steve.

    You may have seen this already but this goes along with the ukulele music theme you have posted. Great video!

    Take care, Jen

  3. I hate talented kids ... just kidding. Great link!